Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I recently took part in a Scraps Swap over on the UK Spinners forum on Ravelry. Basically twenty or so of you send in 100g or 200g of painted tops each, and then you get the same weight of fibre back but made up of small pieces of each fibre sent in.

Quite dazzling, isn't it? I'm now in the process of deciding what I want to do with it all. Usually when I'm deciding what to do with a new yarn or fibre I let it sit on my desk for a couple of weeks so I can look at it and mull things over but in this case, 200g of loose fibre + 2 cats is a recipe for disaster. Hence I'm putting the photos here to look at instead. I am inclined to think though I may make a "pudding" yarn, where you pull all the scraps down into even smaller bite sized chunks, mix them up together in a handy basket or bucket then basically spin the colours at random by shutting your eyes and pulling out the next section of fibre from the basket.

I'm trying to get away from always spinning in the same way ie fine and smooth and to get out my comfort zone when it comes to being consistent and planned, yawn. This year I've already tried spinning thick-n-thin yarn (what a mess...!) and even knitted something out of this, urgh. I'm also attempting to re-teach myself long draw using my right hand rather than my left, given that the Harris is a right-handers Saxony wheel. This last is not going too well either, got to admit. Pictures of the "yarn" produced may be forthcoming if I feel like putting up a humorous blog post one day!

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Kocurek said...

Soup plot it's tasty. many color, such as fiber lying.
The colors are beautiful and such a spring.
Oh, if I had a wheel ...:)
Do not grieve, it will be beautiful.