Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nutty Knitters.

Or rather, Knutty ones. And Knutty crafters. This a group that meets in a local church hall once per month for a day of any sort of portable crafting, lunch and gossip. Very informal and great fun. I enjoy it particularly because I usually go to fibre craft groups....knitting, spining, crochet, felting etc. This lot do quilting, embroidery, sewing and other exotic things too. Very interesting to get involved with discussing and looking at crafts other than your own, I think.

Yesterday we also had a guest speaker/visitor, The Yarn Yard, who brought lots of her latest yarns to coo over. I see Natalie's gorgeous yarns and fibres in the flesh regularly enough to feel that I don't need to stock up for the next year every time I see her, so it's always fun to sit back and watch the (fairly polite) scrum round the table all cooing and squishing and sniffing and lusting over the new colours, lol. But I've got enough YY fibre to keep me spinning for a year tbh. Did I show you this I bought from her in York?

Superwash BFL, a one off braid dyed with excess dyes from a Clan dyeing session (Clan is her latest lovely 8-ply sock yarn) so a sort of colour chart of gorgeousness. Don't know what I'm going to do with it but there's some things you just have to own, you know?

I took a wheel to the KK but only spent half the time spinning. (YY club fibre from a few months back, merino/silk, orange/grey/black colourway.) I put in a couple of hours on my Olympic Liesl too. What with yesterday and last nights knitting I've almost finished the yoke and will divide for the sleeves in anothe couple of rows. It is a fast knit. I've only had to frog it back once as well!

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Crafty Gardener said...

Your group of knutty knitters/krafters sound like a fun group.