Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic Liesl.

I only have a few rows to go on the second sleeve, plus sewing in the ends, so I'm pretty confident about finishing my Olympic Liesl in time.

Here's a picture of where I was last night...rubbish picture with colour photo shopped to death because it's just about impossible to get a straightforward picture of anything in the grey gloom that passes for daylight here at the moment.

I do like the way that the colour sequence looks very different between the yoke with purl rows, the body and the smaller circumference sleeves. It's not been at all difficult keeping the colour sequence running correctly btw. Kureyon is very easy to spit-splice and as long as you don't mind shuffling the order of the balls around a bit and starting in the middle of a ball occasionally it works out fine. Incidentally it does match up across the's just that I didn't lap the fronts over very neatly for the photo.

Some thoughts on this cardigan. Firstly I don't like the neckline. I opted for the lower neckline and it's just too loose and gappy, plus the weight of the yarn is stretching it. I will finish it all up, including blocking and the buttons then have a think about tightening the neck up. This will probably involve a crochet hook, bah. Don't much like crochet.

Secondly, the sleeves are pretty snug. This is of course because the sleeve is designed to preserve the 12 stitch repeat of the feather and fan pattern and so the sleeve size is not necessarily proportional to the exact size of body you are knitting. But it's worth keeping in mind. I think going up a needle size might work here, or adding a few plain stitches under the arm. In my case the sleeve is on the edge of okay and I'm hoping blocking will give me an inch more.

Fun knit though. Easy, well written pattern, very economical on yarn, minimal finishing. I may make another if I can find something suitable in plain black aran yarn with a bit of drape.

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Linda said...

It's beautiful! Well done! Love the colors. I knitted scarves for the Ravelympics. My first ever knitted items:) One day soon I will knit a sweater.