Saturday, November 22, 2008

You have to laugh...

Sometimes you've got to laugh at something otherwise you'd cry. I was in Woolworths today to get some party tights for Princess, and I spotted this in the toy section.


Barbie Beauty Secrets In-Line Scooter is the perfect set of pink wheels for your little pink lady, with a secret compartment full of shimmer and shine beauty treats! She can scoot along on the non-slip pretty printed footplate before stopping for some rest and gloss application. Suitable for age 5+


17 piece beauty travel kit

Shimmer and shine beauty treats

Non-slip pretty printed footplate
Easy folding mechanism
Soft foam handgrips
Rear footbrake
Translucent pink PU wheels
Adjustable handlebar - height 68-85cm

Naturally Princess LOVES it. She can really see herself scooting around the campsite next summer on this, stopping only to gloss her lips and paint her toenails in front of an envious band of cohorts. Me? I think it epitomises all that's wrong with little girl toys. I think it is barf. Sports equipment should not have to be pink in order to get girls to do physical activity! And to have to add in the bribe of make up? For a five year old? Urgh....and yet...I know I would have loved it when I was seven too. But what's wrong with just having a scooter?

It's £29.99 as well, so not something I'm just going to pick up to present to her on a whim. If it was £5....well, maybe. It really is disgustingly girly icky though, isn't it?


Linda said...

Woolworths?!! I loved Woolworths! They're no longer in the US though. And the scooter? I agree bleck. Why does everything need to be color segregated? Blue for boys, pink for girls? I had a red scooter back in the 60's. Loved it! Wish I had that baby today. Very cool with a stand and everything.

Helen said...

A friend of mine was going round a roundabout on her scooter, in the days when that meant a sort of sedate lady-motorbike, and all her stuff fell off the back, which included her make-up. Instead of heading for the nearest branch of Boots as I probably would have done, she said, 'Sod it, I'll see how long I can do without it,' and she did. She's never worn any since. Perhaps there's a lesson here.

But I agree with you: Barbie should be called Barfie.

Annie said...

Very disgusting indeed.

Rosie said...

Yuk! Mind you, I like the idea of the storage compartments, ideal for filling with invisible ink, magnifying glasses, interesting finds and all the other things I loved when I was a kid (hmm, looks as if I wanted to be a spy, when really I was into nature study).

Probably Jane said...

It's my 6 year old niece's birthday next week and the request is for Barbie. I growlingly compromised by getting her Barbie with dog that really poos and pooper scooper. Which isn't pink.

Alison said...


I love it.

christmas makes me more and more glad that i have boys. except, actually, here, toy guns are practically de rigeur. great.