Saturday, March 04, 2006

Gorgeous wheel on Ebay.

Just have to show you this gorgeous spinning wheel currently for sale on Ebay UK.

I think the design has to be one of the nicest I`ve ever seen. I don`t much like either traditional or modern Saxony wheels normally and I particularly dislike the
Ashford Traditional because it always looks to me as if someone put the flier on backwards. But the Herring wheel has style. Sure it`s not very traditional`s more like a work of modern art. I wants it, preciouses, so I do. It`s not expensive, is it? And it`s made by Frank Herring, so it will spin, no fear that it`s a dud.

You think Hubby would go for a fifth wheel? Nope, I agree, he won`t. And I can`t justify £140 even for a work of modern art...can I??????????

Haddington Spinners Open Day today. Pictures later. And perhaps one of you lot out there will have put me out of my misery and bought that wheel?


Wye Sue said...

I was watching it as well - you are a bad infulence Mrs Fishwife !!
Trying to finish things off before I start to play with mine...
Enjoy the spuds tomorrow ;-)

gourdongirl said...