Sunday, March 12, 2006

Knitting bag.

I collect knitting bags like other people collect fridge magnets. Fabric, wicker, them all. One per project, baskets all over the floor for holding roving and fleece...there`s even spare baskets up in the attic for when I fancy a change of shape. Too many bags and baskets!

I`m always on the lookout for more though. So when I saw this one, I knew I had to have it.

It`s the Injeanius bag from Magnits. Fabulous bag, innit? One problem...I don`t wear jeans.

But I do go to a lot of jumble sales. I was at one yesterday. Three pairs of Wrangler jeans were bought for the princely total of 60p. Watch this space!


sal the spider said...

I love it! What a bummer thou', I've recently thrown away about 18prs of old jeans I was hoarding as I could no longer justify them - even to myself!:-)
Sal x

Highland Annie said...

Ive made it, its a bit coarse on the hands to knit but doesnt take long..

Hide it from teenagers, my 13yr old fled with mine, so im still decent sized knitting bagless. !

Fair Isle we are thinking about starting a web diary or something along that lines, starting the very moment the removal van arrives here.

Cant wait, so excited, but heck of a lot to do in the meantime

Siri said...

Here's another knitting/playmobil fan:
Be sure to check out her posts during the Olympic Knitting, but her February 11th post, in particular!
(Don't show that one to little children,though! Don't worry, it's not obscene, just one of those "Do not try this at home" kind of things.)
Here's my own tribute to Playmobil:

Siri said...

Not sure if that URL showed up correctly. It's my November 9th post, if you're interested.
Nice denim bag, by the way!

SweetPeaknits said...

I love that bag. What a great idea.

Zippianna said...

Love this little jeans bag. And when it gets too raggy, well, you just let the DH have it for the garage and make another one. Yes? I've make lots of stuff out of old jeans but nothing this cute.

Larjmarj said...

That bag is sooooo cute!!
Well done.

Kathleen said...

That bag works really well, you've made a really good job of it.