Monday, March 06, 2006

Spinning wheels, husbands and the car.

There was something I forgot to mention. The day before Hubby bought me that wheel, he was taking my car to get its MOT and he skidded on the fresh snow and put a huge ding into the rear passenger side door. Unfortunately the car then failed the MOT because of damage to the door sill. I was not particularly pleased about this, especially as it will take till Wednesday or Thursday next week to get the damage repaired and the car back for MOT again. In the meanwhile, I have no car to facilitate my offsprings` complex social lives. Hubby needs the other car to commute to work.

There has been a certain amount of what my brother-in-law calls "full and frank discussion" about this.

Geddit now? Spinning wheel = peace offering!


rho said...

I'm assuming that MOT is the same as our vehicle inspection we have to get every year here -- don't they have a temporary sticker you can use that allows you to get whatever (in your case the ding) fixed then get it inspected again? Or is it that you don't have the car because it is being fixed.

BUT you have to admit the peace offering was still grand -- my DH just pretends that we never had a "discussion"

Alison said...

ah, have to say i'm relieved to hear that he isn't suddenly perfect!

gourdongirl said...

I just knew there was a hidden catch....I just didn't "marry" the two incidents......LOL