Friday, March 10, 2006

March WIP.

Eh? I`m supposed to show you every so often what I`m knitting and spinning?

Oh, alright. But I just have to remind you all that I`m a slooooow knitter. So though significant progress has been made by my standards, some of you probably think I hardly knit at all. True, I do spend valuable knitting time doing other things like sleeping. Sorry....

Older WIPs first....Rowan Plaid Raindrop.

I had to frog and reknit the entire back because even though my swatch was fine, the weight of this yarn and the loose stitch pattern meant that the big knitted back piece fell totally out of shape once knitted and would have been too big even for my fat bum. So I frogged it, dropped a needle size and it`s fine now.

Car and handbag project....Opal Magic socks in Sugar Almond Lilac.

They`re crawling along a bit but I don`t mind. I`ll get there.

Current favourite WIP....Silk Tweed Sweater by Liz Seymour of Estelle Yarns.

Lovely pattern, very simple but with a little bit of shaping at the waist. I`m going to add a few short rows in at the bustline as well to accomodate my boobs.

I`m using Rowan Summer Tweed for this, natch! This is a shade called Delicious which I think may be about to be discontinued. I was actually intending to cast on for the Baluchistan Stripes jacket, but decided that two jackets/cardigans on the needles at once was one too many. However I couldn`t just return the summer Tweed stash to storage, so decided to cast on a simple summer sweater instead. I quite like having something relatively mindless in stocking stitch on the go.

Close up of Summer Tweed (*drool*) and the moss stitch rib pattern. (Seed stitch for the USA types, I think?) You know something though? I pulled a scrap of Summer Tweed apart and it appears to be mostly spun from silk noils plus the cotton. Noils? I hate spinning noils, so I do. Noils are evil...or so I thought until I discovered they were in the beloved Summer Tweed. I wonder If I could spin a Summer Tweed lookalike ?????

This is what I`m spinning at the`s a silk/merino blend from Scottish Fibres, my local fibre place.

Nice colour, much more variagated than the pix shows, very easy to spin. No idea what I`m going to use this for though. I wanted something fuss-free to spin at the Haddington Spinners Open Day, but with a bit of glamour for the visitors. I took the Louet for an outing that day, so this was spun on the Louet.

So that`s all at present. I get a bit depressed at too many current WIPs, so three plus some spinning is about right for me.


Amie said...

I get depressed by too many WIPs too, so I just hide the ones I'm bored with in a closet somewhere and start something new.

This may not be the best plan of action.

So I'm guessing you like purple? :P

Spinningfishwife said...

Purple, dark pink, purple pink....yup, I like them all!

I frog all WIP that get to be more than six months old without a stitch. I get fed up looking at them. Sometimes just the act of getting them out to frog them gets me started again on them.