Friday, November 20, 2009

Addi Sock Needles.

Brief blog post tonight, just to report back on the Addi Sock Needles I bought last week. A couple of you have asked how I'm finding them?

Well, different. Little. I've got little hands but I knit with a classic hands-off english throw and usually my needles move around quite a lot. The small circumferance restricts this so I'm having to push the needle point clear with a finger tip, which can get sore after a while. I've tried flicking,changing to continental, combined knitting and a couple of other ways of holding the yarn, just to see what feels best. I think if you knit continental then you would get used to these needles very easily. For me, it's taking a little longer.

But I'm persisting. Why? Well, they're fast. Very fast. You don't have to stop, muck around changing needles, grip, stitches on the cords and tip. You just keep knitting round and round and round. Actually, that's possibly one reason my fingers are getting tired. There's no break in the flow so your fingers don't get a chance to stretch their muscles. Try knitting four hundred or so little stitches in a restricted way with no pauses whatsoever. Your hands would hurt too! But these 400 stitches are really, really quick.

Still, I'm getting used to it. By the time I finish these socks the motion will have bedded into my hands and it will be automatic. I just love the speed of it all, you see. I'm on the heel of this sock already and I only cast it on two days ago. For me that's amazingly quick. I expect a fast sock knitter could do even better especially if they knitted continental. So definately, these needles are worth a try.


mbb. said...

Hi I've got a short addi sock needle. I usually knit socks toe-up on one long circular doing 'magic loop.' I'm just wondering if you had to switch to dpns to start/finish the project?


Campfire said...

Hi, I have not bought the Addi ones yet although I am drooling over them. I bought the Hiya Hiya ones and they are mega tiny!

I found that by knitting the continental way, and maybe doing the difficult bits in english as it were, they just fit snugly in your hands and you can even do it whilst driving - sorry as a passenger I mean. I am no experienced sock knitter in fact I have never finished one. I am struggling to find instructions on how to do the heel with hiya hiya as my stitches seem somehow to be more than the you tube instruction.

I think you take off the stitches you dont want and put them on a stitch holder whilst you do the heel. Its the number of stitches that confuse me.

I am going to buy the Addi ones, what size needle would you recommend and what pattern would you use please?

I am bookmarking your blog now and look forward to reading it.