Tuesday, November 03, 2009

On the topic of spinning wheels...

On the topic of spinning wheels, I'm sort of vaguely thinking about buying another one.

Now to get this thought into perspectve you have to realise that at this exact moment I have nine spinning wheels in this house. I own a Louet S10, S20 and S40, a first generation Kromski Mazurka, a Frank Herring Saxony and a 100 year old Breton parlour wheel. I've also got the long term loan of an Australian Wind Wheel and I am looking after the local Guild Ashford Traditional and Traveller until the next meeting.


I think. (I always have this nagging feeling I might have forgotten one....)

So with nine wheels in the house you'd think that I didn't really need anything new, mmmm? Well...thing is, I recently inherited a very small legacy from a late cousin of my father's, who I did not even know existed. He died intestate and after all the legal kerfuffle got sorted the lawyers had come up with 22 relatives who were all entitled to inherit a portion of his estate. Twenty-two people is a lot, and it was a small estate, but nevertheless it was nice to get this wee cheque in the post last week. And one of the first things Hubby asked me was "So are you going to get a new wheel?"

TBH it wasn't my first thought but once it got lodged in my head it stayed there. I've never had a new new wheel, always second-hand, so it's a nice thought. And I've always liked these big Norwegian style wheels with the double table.

Like this one, the Kromski Polonaise. (Though not in that ghastly colour.)

Or the really classy Timbertops Leicester.

No hurry, just thinking. But if I want the Leicester by Christmas I have to order one now, to have it made.


Helen said...

I'm sure it's what your father's cousin would have wanted. If he had known you existed.

BabyLongLegs said...

Ooh.....the Timbertops would float my boat :)