Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Socks etc.

Finished socks...Araucania Ranco, colourway unknown, Violet-Green Sock pattern Generator.

Finished hat. Except for the dangling braids. I will need to discuss these with Lad. Rowan Plaid in Soft Kelp, Ear Flap Hat Generator.

It's very cosy. There is a box on the pattern generator where you can adjust for closeness of fit and Lad opted for a loose helmet type effect rather than tight. So it sits down well over his head and ears and what with that and that double layer of alpaca and merino this is a really warm hat. The earflaps are actually just like knitting toe-up socks using short rows, with the "toes" sticking out of the headband section in a very entertaining way until the facing is folded under. Well worth a shot.

Finally, my Addi sock needles arrived today. You can quite clearly see the little kink as the tip joins the cord. That's what makes them fit into my hands so well.

So naturally I had to cast on another pair of socks immediately. The choice was of the pink Yarn Yard yarn above, or the rather lurid greeen and blue. I dyed this second one myself a couple of SkipNorths ago, using Kool-Aid on a (I think) Trekking sock yarn base. After a bit of a mental struggle I decided on the green/blue, basically because it was already wound so I didn't need to go and find my ball winder. Lazy? Me?

(The ginger bit is Oliver's tail, btw, if you hadn't realised.)

Have to say, casting straight onto such small unfamiliar needles was a bit tricksy. So I resorted to my tried and trusted method of casting on to straights, one size larger than my main needle, then working two rows straight before transferring to the working needle(s). Much better. I've done a few rows of the ribbing and the little needle just flows now.


Mary Lou said...

Must try the earflap generator. I'm curious re. the small Addis as well. I have rather large hands, and it looks as though they would make my hands feel all cramped up.

Anonymous said...

A double-layered earflap hat in Plaid? That must be the softest, warmest hat ever-- he could wear that in Alaska.

zippiknits said...

What a great hat, and a generator too. Thank you! Oh those tiny needles. I tried them back in August when a LYSO showed them to DD and me. It was like I had to carry them with my fingertips. Boy those are short little needles. If you like them maybe it's time to give them a another "spin".