Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday.

After a fairly frantic few days, I finally managed to have a lazy Sunday. Up late (ie not 7am), no rush to get showered, only real fixture in the day was to take Princess to gymnastics. I even had time to chat to my neighbour in the supermarket. Then lunch and my sister came round and I sat and nattered to her most of the afternoon, while Princess vanished off to see a friend and Lad and Hubby did manly things like rugby and xBox and painting toy soldiers. Curry dinner courtesy of M&S, kids off to bed sharp, nothing left to do except sit on the sofa, knit and see if there's a good trash film on the telly.

Might not be everyone's idea of what to do on a Sunday but it suited me just fine.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect.
I'm hoping not to go further than the balcony tomorrow. The boys have rented a game for the Wii and I have a pair of bootees to finish.
And I'm obviolsy a week behind reading your blof. I'm not used to you posting this often, obviously!