Monday, November 30, 2009

Haldane Harris.

This "little" beauty is my Christmas present this year.

Given that it has a 24" drive wheel and almost certainly spins at warp factor nine it's not so little, actually! I've always wanted a Norwegian style wheel and was seriously considering a Timbertops Leicester...except it would cost more than I could justify if I bought a new one and the only one that's come up recently on Ebay went for a silly amount too. The Kromski Polonaise was also on the short list for a while.

But under a completely seperate subsection of the "Spinning Wheels I Would Like To Own One day" list there was this scribbled note saying "Haldane?" This was because I really liked the Haldane Orkney that I once had briefly in my possesion and I sort of though it would be nice to own one, if I ever saw one at a good price. I did know that Haldane had once made a limited run of Norwegian wheels, but I thought they were so hard to find that I didn't really include it in the list of contenders for Next Wheel.

Fate really, And it was on at a really good BIN of £175. What else could I do? And Hubby had been wondering what to get me for Christmas this year, lol.


Linda said...

Jealous! It's beautiful!

FiberQat said...

What a lovely wheel! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful wheel. Such a great pressie for hubby to think of!!!All by himself.

Now, I envisage a book from you, a history of spinning wheels with lots of provenance stuff and samples spun on them stuck into the book for folks to feel and appeciate and ...

Put me down for half a dozen. Books that is.

And get cracking! LOL

But seriously, your passion and knowledge suggests itself in bookish form to me.

ra said...

She looks lovely.

Martha said...

It is a beautiful wheel and a great find. Merry Christmas.
Oh why are wheels so hard to get and expensive in my part of the world?
Happy spinning!

Tina said...

It's gorgeous! I love the Norwegian style wheels, I think they are the most beautiful wheels out there. I have a Kromski Polonaise, and it spins like a dream. I hope you will enjoy your new friend :)