Thursday, November 12, 2009

Parents Night.

Parents Night at school this evening, for Princess.

You know, at the risk of bragging, there's hardly any point in me going to Parents Night. Princess is extremely bright, likes school, gets on well with her classmates, is polite and enthusiastic and works hard. There's some bits of work she likes less, of course, but they're few and far between and she just gets on with them or, in the case of disliked classmates, ignores them as much as possible. Really can't ask for more. Except the furiously enthusiastic and somewhat novel spelling to improve, but that will come. So apart from reading off her marks and saying how well Princess is doing in all respects, Teacher had nothing much else to discuss. And I'm perfectly happy with how Princess is doing at school and I have great confidence in the school too, so I didn't really have any worries to discuss either. Is that good or bad?

So her teacher and I ran out of things to talk about very quickly. Her teacher is young and enthusiastic and very nice and Princess likes her but she's not as much fun as the very quirky and opinionated older teacher Princess had last year, who really had a soft spot for my strong willed and also very opinionated girl and treated me to a stream of funny anecdotes of what Princess was getting up to at school. I do miss Mrs P. She's taught all my kids at one point or other and we've always got on very well. Must try not to hold this against the new teacher!


Katie said...

My parents used to stop bothering to come to parents evening. As teachers themselves they reckoned the teachers would appreciate being able to go home rather than telling them their daughter was a angelic genius!

dawn in NL said...

My mother never missed a parents evening. I was a goodie two shoes and good at my work, but she considered it her reward since she never missed my brothers' p.evenings either, and they were of a very different character!

Bask in the reflected glory.