Friday, July 14, 2006

Kittens are here...

Well, they`re here...after an exhausting day. Slight hitch when we got to my friend`s house to pick them up and discovered one of the other two boy kittens that were due to go to another home had been rejected by his almost new owners because...wait for this...he was a boy and not pretty enough. As if the other family hadn`t known they were getting two boys for about five weeks? And he`s a really cute, cute kitten...but he`s 8 1/2 weeeks old now and getting past the really tiny "awwww..." stage. He needs a family now. My friend is already keeping the other girl kitten, which brings her cat family up to four. She doesn`t really want No5.

So naturally my two kids decided we should have him as well. NO WE DID NOT GET HIM! I`m with Hubby on the feeling that there are only two correct numbers of cats to have...none or two. Two we had booked already, one boy, one girl. Plus the other kitten is a bit of a bossyboots...he`d have been great with his equally bossy brother, but our two are a bit more laid back. Not a good combination. I`m helping my friend find him a home.

I do however think it`s pretty shitty of the other family to ask for kittens, say they don`t mind what they get, not even bother to visit before the kittens are eight weeks old then start complaining they didn`t get the ones they liked best.(They wanted our girl kitten because she "matched" the boy kitten they eventually took home...two grey tabbies.) To me this is treating the kittens more as some sort of decorating accessory rather than small furry personalities. We visited several times and tried to choose a pair on the basis of how well they got on and whether we liked the way they behaved and how friendly they were to us. We took a blanket and toys for them to play with, so we had something familiar to bring home with them. I bought all their familiar brands of food and litter and even the same type of litter tray. We were prepared!

Oh well, ours are here and settling in well. This is Missy....

She is definately the more adventurous of the two. She was out and exploring the minute we opened up the door of the kitten pen.

Theo is a bit more laid back about things. His main visible talent so far is for eating. However once he finally feels he won`t starve to death for ten minutes or so he`s quite happy to chase after Missy and see what new things she`s found. And they love to wrestle each other...and sleep in a heap.

(I`d love to show you a pix of him too, but b*&&&dy B*****r is playing up again. )


zippiknits...sometimes said...

What a beautiful little grey kitten. Looks so peaceful. Was this a ploy? ;o)

Fred said...

Me thinks I could accommodate another one. Wonder if MM would notice?

Anonymous said...

Those are doll baby cats. I want to pet them.

I can't believe that someone would reject a cat becasue it didn't match. I mean, a grown up person with, presumably, values. Or similiar.

People. Urg.