Saturday, July 22, 2006

We`ve all been there..

We`ve all been there, haven`t we? Lengthy post, lots of pictures, witty jokes, pearls of wisdom...and then Blogger eats the lot. Even the allegedly saved draft.

I hate Blogger.

Anyway, it`s just gone midnight here and I really, really don`t feel I want to type it all out again tonight. So you`re just going to have to be content with a couple more kitten pictures. The furry duo are really settling in and making themselves at all sorts of places.

This is an alternative idea for recycling your old cereal packets...into cat duvets.

Theo prefers a more macho approach to sleeping. Yup, he`s on top of the kitten pen.

Oh, and just in case you`re thinking that tomorrow I`m going to stun you with hundreds of pictures of finished knitting and spinning...well, I`ve cast on the second sock!


rho said...

Oh you have to give us a long blog entry and lots of pictures after teasing us like that. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Those kittens are SOOOOOOO cute.