Friday, July 14, 2006

Today is the day...

Today is the day we go to get the KITTENS!

Pix to follow later, but I have to say now that we`re all very excited, even Hubby who`s definately been the least enthusiastic person here about getting cats. He likes cats, don`t worry, he just thinks they might require the odd bit of effort on his part. Like opening a tin of cat food occasionally? He was responsible for the arrival of our last cat though. (He was sitting out in our back garden having a ciggie after a long night at the pub and there was this hungry stray cat around...and that was we got Misha.)Cats usually like Hubby too, btw. He sits down a lot, has long enough legs to provide a comfortable lap and he doesn`t try to make them do anything apart from get off him. Challenge...cats like a challenge.

We got back from holiday the day before yesterday, but yesterday was spent trying to get the laundry under control again and shopping for food etc, plus we had Gourdongirl`s two boys round as well. Busy. We had a nice holiday, incidentally, very relaxing. We tend to just veg out on holidays and slob around the campsite a lot, but usually manage to go and look at or do one activity a day so we don`t actually take root. This year the campsite was in the heart of the ancient land of the Picts, so we went and did a lot of Pictish sightseeeing.

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