Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blogging and warping the space-time continuem.

See this blogging thing? It`s fun, it`s addictive...but it takes time. As Hubby says, you`ve got to be doing something to be able to blog about it, but sometimes you`re so busy doing it that the blogging just doesn`t happen.

And I`ve been BUSY. Did I tell you about the Edinburgh Spinning Guild, the felting workshop, the fourth spinning wheel I nearly bought, frogging the bloomin` Rowan Rainbow jacket and the six balls of Opal I`ve bought so I could have a choice of yarns for my Olympic Jaywalkers? No, I have not. Why not?

I`ve been digging, that`s why. Decent weather (translate that as not raining, a rare event in this corner of Scotland) means all hands to the allotment.

But I`ve been taking pix, and as soon as it starts to rain again I`ll be here posting them. In the meanwhile every morning spent on the allotment digging frog ponds means a mornings worth of other chores undone. Like sorting nine loads of laundry before I go to bed!

Night all.......


Amie said...

Well, I still think you should have bought that fourth wheel (I'd have spun on it when I invited myself to visit you, and then it wouldn't have gone to waste!) but enjoying the relatively nice weather is a decent option.

gourdongirl said...

Well done you, so thats where you've been hiding........!

Thankx for the loan of the Denise's for the Olympics....your a pal.