Thursday, February 23, 2006

Knitting Olympics update...#5.

Pride comes before a fall, as they say.....and I did say I was confident that I would finish on time, didn`t I? Well, you should have seen me last night trying to get round the heel of Jaywalker#2. I dropped stitches, I got the pattern wrong (how in the Lord`s name can you get a pattern of K1 Sl1 wrong????) and I kept making mistake after mistake after mistake. Stupidly I kept trying to fix these, even though it was almost 1am by then. Didn`t work. I had to tink the whole lot back this morning.

And this afternoon I tried again and it all worked just fine. Of course it did.

I`ve got forty-five rows of pretty straightforwards pattern plus the toe shaping and the dreaded kitchenering to do. And a four hour car journey tomorow morning. Twenty rows per hour will leave enough time for lunch, surely?


(I`ll let you know if I finished on Sunday night. I`m off to Skip North for the next three days. Everything is packed, the fridge is full, the laundry done and the kids are really looking forwards to their father looking after them for the whole weekend. Except for the cooking, of course, which is worrying them quite a lot, lol! )


blueadt said...

I've gone wrong on the second Jaywalker heel - will show you tomorrow & maybe you can help?

Look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

Spinningfishwife said...

Lol...I`ll try. Goodness knows I went wrong in several different ways last night!

See you tomorrow.

Amie said...

You're really making it hard for me to not just start my own socks in that fishy yarn.... mmmm purple and yellow... mmmm fun stripeys....


rho said...

Please tell me they have Pizza and/or Chinese or Thai in Scotland - so your kids will survive LOL

Have a grand weekend away.