Saturday, February 18, 2006

Knitting Olympics update...#3.

According to the timeclock on Yarn Harlot`s blog, Olympic Elapsed Time stands at 51.1%. Which means that though I have completed the first Jaywalker of my pair, I am slightly behind schedule.

Oh, okay, sharp eyes and pedantic minds will spot that it isn`t totally 100% finished because I haven`t kitchenered up the toe. It`s nearly 11.30pm and I`ve had a long busy day, alright? Kitchener stitch requires some concentration on my part. I think I`ll save hours by leaving this till tomorrow morning.....don`t you?

In the meantime, Jaywalker #2 awaits. I`m hoping to get it finished (or nearly finished) by Thursday night, and not to have to be kitchenering it up in public at SkipNorth. I keep reminding myself that though I may be the slowest knitter on the planet, the whole point of this is that it`s supposed to be a personal challenge. I`m also reminding myself that I know the pattern now, that I ain`t going to have to frog the leg section of this sock and that....oh well, I`m sure I`m going to get it done. I think.

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