Friday, February 10, 2006


Well, I`m ready. Hubby is out, Duncan is going for a sleepover, Mairi will be in bed come 7pm. I`ve got yarn, pattern, needles and an assortment of stitch markers. Must admit I`ve done no training whatsoever though! Swatch? How wrong can you go tension wise on a pair of socks? (We may return to this comment, yup...) If they don`t fit me, they`ll fit someone.

What am I making? Jaywalkers. I must be the only knitter in cyberspace that hasn`t made a pair so it`s about time I did. I decided to use Dr Fish Opal, eventually.

Here`s the kit, ready and waiting to go....

Why the multiplicity of needles? Well, I like to cast on with straights a couple of sizes larger than the dpns I`ll be a nice loose edge. Two sets of dpns, yup, because my plan (cunning or otherwise) is to knit both socks not quite simultaneously...first one down to the heel, then the other, then one heel etc etc. This is because I`ll be at SkipNorth during the last couple of days of the Olympics and I feel I`ll be able to cope more easily with frantic last minute knitting in public when I`m past the heels. Maybe. Actually I`m hoping to get them done before I go, and perhaps just keep a few rows and the toe grafting for the final ceremony.

Oh yeah, I divided the ball of Opal exactly into two with the help of my digital scales, then compared the two ends so I could be sure of starting at the same stripe for each sock. (Yes, I`m getting anal in my old age, I admit!) Scarily the ends if the two balls matched almost exactly straight from the ballwinder. I doubt if that will ever happen again in my lifetime!


Woolly Wormhead said...

You're completely mad for joining in... just like everyone else ;) Good luck!x

kitkatknit said...

Now that you have started your Jaywalkers I can confess that I am the only sock knitter that has not done them!!
I haven't cruised your entire blog yet. Are you in Edinburgh? It's my son's favorite place on earth - nearly. He and his drama troupe performed this past August in the Fringe Festival.