Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stashbusting #2.

I felt so good about yesterdays stash tidying efforts that I felt inspired to do more of the same today but to the fibre stash this time. When I first started spinning I bought fibre like there was no tomorrow, and as a result I`m not absolutely sure what I have now, let alone where it all is. So it was a bit of a voyage of discovery for me, raking through the fibre bins!

Also I wanted to see what I had in stock, because one of the places I am looking forwards to visiting most this weekend is Wingham Wool Work, biggest specialist suppliers of fibre to handspinners in the UK. (So they say.) A great chance to top up the fibre stash with all sorts of yummy things.

Let me say now I do not need alpaca, silk threads or silk noils. I got really into spinning alpaca last year, just about the time The Alpaca Spinner first launched on Ebay and I was lucky enough to get some of her baby alpaca fleece before she got famous and expensive. Quite a lot of it, in fact....gorgeous stuff, very fine and...well, suffice to say I don`t need more alpaca at present. Also I cleared out The Natural Dye Studio of hand dyed silk threads and noils in their end of season sale last year. They had hand-dyed mulberry silk as well, but I don`t feel I`ve got too much of that, oh no....

I`ve got plenty of raw fleece up in the attic...in fact I`ve been working my way through it all sorting and washing it all because though we don`t have moths at present, I don`t want them in the future either and I read somewhere that moths prefer dirty fleece to clean. But most of my fleece is pretty pedestrian stuff and I see Winghams has a lot of unusual sheep breed fibre for sale, so I`m going to get a few bags of this and that just to try. Also I need black mohair to card with the last of my Ouessant fleece to make extra hard wearing yarn for the heels and toes of the Ouessant socks I intend to knit.

What else? Winghams have lots of dyed roving and silk, so I might be tempted to some of that. I want a couple of spare bobbins for the Mazurka before the old version ones become unobtainable. I`d like some half-sized handcarders for silk work. And....

Ah. Yes, the title of this post was indeed "Stashbusting #2". Did I clear any fibre out today? Ummm...no. But what I did find out was that I didn`t have as much as I thought, and what I did have was a bit unbalanced as to type. So as I sorted I was writing a shopping list, and that, I hope, will save me money on impulse buys. Maybe.


(And if you belive that, you`ll belive anything. Roll on Winghams!)


gourdongirl said...

I'm looking forward to this weekend too.....meeting new people and hopefully learning new skills....ie drop spindle spinning

Amie said...

What are these words you use: "don't need more alpaca"

I don't understand.

You ALWAYS need more alpaca.