Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Olympics update...#2.

I was originally going to knit each Jaywalker sock section by section, working back and forwards in turn between the two, but it`s not worked out like that. For one thing, I only have one of the very handy stitch marker/row tally gadget you can see in the picture, and also the pattern has really caught my interest and I want to see what a complete sock looks like up close! Great pattern, lots of little details and crystal clear, which is a refreshing change from some patterns I could mention. (Are you listening, Regia????)

Anyway, I`ve turned the heel on Sock1 and am six rows into the instep.

Not bad progress for me, the Queen of Sloth Knitting, but still not quite fast enough for me to be finished comfortably by the middle of next week so I can go to SkipNorth and relax doing something else. I`m telling myself I had to frog and reknit four inches of leg section, that I had gauge problems and I was still learning the pattern so I should be getting faster, no?

Hopefully. Watch this space!


gourdongirl said...

Wooooo Hooooooo....look at you....Way to go Isabella. I'm mega impressed, keep it up and you will do it before we leave for SKIPnorth next week.

emmms said...

Hey! Another Brit on the Knitter's Review, hurrah!

I marvel at your participation in thr Knitter's Olympics, I don't think I've the stamina, though (publically) I'm blaming the Year of the Sweater. The Jaywalker socks are something I've wanted to do for ages, I've couple of projects on the go, but as soon as I can find the right wool I'll be there!

Good luck!