Saturday, February 18, 2006

Shrunken Heads.

I must just show you what else I`ve been doing....

Yes, this is needle felting. I`m quite proud of it because this is the first and so far only thing I have ever needle felted. I`ve seen the books, I`ve seen other folk`s work and I even went so far as to buy three felting needles once upon a time, but up until a month ago I had never actually done any needlefelting.

I didn`t post about it at the time (too busy) but a month ago I joined the Edinburgh Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. I`ve been a member of the Haddington Spinners in East Lothian for a year, but though I live almost exactly on the border between East Lothian and Edinburgh, it`s far easier to go to Haddington than plough through the city to the Edinburgh Guild. But last month I joined, went to the first monthly meeting armed with the Mazurka and a sack of carded Ouessant fleece..........and ended up needlefelting this head. The Guild Open Day is in May, and they had decided to make a felted banner for the event as a Guild project. Everyone made a head, supposedly a self portrait, lol!
All I can say to this is that there must be a heck of a lot of closet punks and Goths in the Edinburgh Guild, disguised as respectable citizenesses of Morningside etc. Even I, after I had faithfully added the greying locks (Wensleydale) and the white streak I have down the front, succumbed to some great blue and green dreadlocks. And I`m sure the face will look just like me when I finish putting glasses on it!


rho said...

I LOVE the head -- how cool to learn how to do that - I don't think they have enough gray for my head LOL


vi said...

I made some snow men.....thaddeaus disemboweled them

still I love that cat
you did good kid
you DID GOOD.....

Amie said...

It looks fabulous! I woke up this morning thinking about a project I have needle felting planned for, but I've not done any yet....