Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ebay and the Big Wheel.

As part of the Great Destash/10% Reduction in Life Possessions, I`ve decided to sell one of my spinning wheels. Yes, I know, one wheel out of five is a 20% reduction but I use this one the least, I can do most of what this one does on my Louet, I need the space and I could do with some spare cash for SkipNorth as well. So I`m selling my big Ashford Country Spinner. It`s on Ebay as I write, with six days to go.

Feel free to look and wonder, but no, I`m not seriously expecting any of you to bid on it. It`s more to pass the word out because I know this sort of wheel doesn`t come up a lot on Ebay and to the right person it might be a real find second hand. Of course a little self-promotion never goes amiss either....*blush*. It is a cracking good wheel though...I`d like it to go to a good home.


Ceallach said...

Can I just say that I hate the pound?

All I have are dollars, and they are flimsy indeed compared to the pound, and so bidding on this wheel, while lovely, would be the end of my dollars. (I have always wanted one of these wheels.)

#^%@% pound!

Spinningfishwife said...

Ceallach, it wouldn`t be the wheel price that would be the main problem, it would be the postage costs. You`d be cheaper flying across to collect it than me posting it!

Weaver said...

I'm totally in love with your wheel too but since I'm stuck in Wisconsin USA, I guess I'll have to pass it up.

Good luck with all your other 10%'s :)