Thursday, January 25, 2007

Resolution #1 update.

Resolution #1 was to lose 2 stone (28lbs) by the summer, remember? Well, I`ve been dragging myself off to Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness classes and I`m pleased to report I`ve lost ten pounds so far. *happy dance*

I was thinking about my target of losing 28 lbs by Woolfest and decided this wasn`t quite ambitious enough. Firstly, it turns out I`m not going to manage Woolfest after all which is a real blow, because as these of us who have been lucky enough to go know, Woolfest is THE spinning and fibre addict`s paradise here in the UK. But Hubby (who`s just finishing his probation year in his new job) has discovered he just HAS to be back at work when his dissertation students are ready to submit their thesises (sp?) in middle to late July. We want to go camping in France this summer and it basically works out that if Mummy goes to Woolfest then we get two weeks in France. If Mummy doesn`t go to Woolfest we can get about three to three and a half weeks, depending on if we take the kids out of school a few days before the end of term. (We`re on the Scottish school year finishes the last week in June.) So really, no contest. I can`t expect the family to give up so much holiday time so that I can go and buy wool! I`ll just have to buy French wool instead, mmmmm? And go see some Ouessant sheep, seeing as we`re going to Brittany.

Anyhoo, back to the diet. Initial target was two stone (28 lbs) before Woolfest. Now I`m thinking 4 stone (56 lbs) before France, which is the same time scale. This works out about 2 lbs per week, which is perfectly do-able but not much margin for slippage. But I`m going to try. France is hot in July, putting tents up and down is hard work, we want to do a lot of swimming and snorkling and cycling and having four stone less of me to lug around will make life a lot easier and more pleasant. So wish me luck!



Congrats on the weight loss, top result but so sad that we won't see you at Woolfest this year, you will be much missed.

gourdongirl said...

Well done......I'm impressed. wish I was as motivated!

Juliet said...

well done and well done on the motivation, I have started on the editets and have lost 9lbs but need to loose about 4 stone or there-abouts, so I will think of you and send you good luck vibes and also think of you when I am trying to be good.