Monday, January 08, 2007

Out with the old...

The kids are back at school. (Hurray!) Hubby has gone back to his ivory tower for the start of the new Uni term. (Hurray!) I am alone (except for the catlings)...alone with a vast pile of laundry, unhoovered floors, beds that haven`t been changed since before Christmas, mucky bathroom...well, you get the idea. Actually, I was glad to get some time to get on with things. Even I, a confirmed House Slob, like to see the carpet or the bottom of the laundry basket occasionally.

However I kept the Resolutions in mind and managed to combine a little of #3 (declutter) and #4 (me things) into one activity, which was basically clearing out the two top drawers of my dressing table and dumping all my out of date/unwanted cosmetics, toiletries, general gunk etc etc. We`ve all got this sort of stuff, no? The last half inch of that posh perfume that has gone off a bit, an almost empty mascara or six, dried up nail polish etc etc. Can I mention now that I hardly use make up? I`m very good at losing it though, which is why I have so many half finished near identical items. And a set of blushers that I remember using before I got married.(14 years ago.) I recall reading somewhere that make up should be replaced every year because of germs? Mascara every three months? *Eeek*! I`ve also got an amazing collection of unused hair dye, which is somewhat wishful thinking on my part since I don`t dye my hair......

Out it all went, an entire wastepaper bin of pointless stuff. I`d better get it into a bin liner though, because if Mairi sets eyes on it she`ll pinch the lot. She`s got some little girl make up of her own, of course, for parties (applied by me) and dressing up (trowel job by her) but she covets mine extremely. A couple of weeks ago she explained to me that she "needed" a new set of make up brushes, after watching me use mine. I said I`d find her some in the sales, but guess what I couldn't find next time I went to put on the glitz for a party? My goodness, that girl is a good liar. I just knew she had them, but she still almost had me convinced. Hubby certainly was! I wasn`t cross with her or anything, I just wanted my brushes so we could go out, so when the box suddenly rematerialised on my bed I had to laugh. And she did own up later in the car, lol.

Better get on with the list of chores. I like making lists, because I get to tick them off. I never get to the end of any of them though. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

PS. Knitting? Not today, though I just have to graft the underarm stitches of Duncan`s sweater and it will be a FO. And my spinning group starts up again tomorrow. I`m looking forwards to that. I`m still working on my pink merino/angora blend, but I think I`ll have enough soon. Must weigh the bobbin and make a guestimate as to yardage. I`m just going to Navaho ply it (because I`m lazy) and because it spun up thinner than I really want, so three ply will be better than two.

PPS. I`ve just looked out the study window and seen a huge builders lorry arrive, It has a vast amount of...stuff...on the back, but I haven`t the least idea what it is. Huge thick slabs of spongy looking stuff, in pale yellow. Insulation for the flat roof?


Aprilynne said...

Carpet, Bathrooms, Laundry ***sigh*** I'm glad I'm not the only confirmed house slob! It'll be a few more years before I'm home alone to deal with it, though. Only laundry gets attention here, today.

Robin said...

I'd love to be home alone...possible, if only I didn't have the *yuck* job! But I don't know that I would be as good about cleaning...I'd need you here to kick me in the arse to keep going!

WillowCaroline said...

I love a good clear out.... I do the bathrooms every year.... expired medicines and old make-up. I just did my closet and the kids. It feels so good to have it all tidied up. Now if it would just stay that way a while.

"Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling the snow while it is still snowing"..