Sunday, January 14, 2007

Socks that Rock.

Well, I`m not sure what to make of this. Over on Cara`s Blog she got over 800 entries to win one of thirty skeins of Socks that Rock. Me, I got four to win a skein of Hipknits sock yarn. If I ever meet Kerrie of Hipknits, I won`t be able to look her in the eye, lol.

Go on, don`t be shy, scroll down one post and leave a comment. You`re too late to enter Cara`s contest now anyway. :-D

On the knitting front...well, very little knitting but I did drag out the Herring wheel to give it a buff up and oil, with the view to putting it in the lounge to spin on once the windows are in. (If ever the windows happen.....) Remember my beautiful Herring, my modern work of art?

Also I have been packing up my carders and tools and day to day fibre stash, plus all the rest, just to keep it away from all the muck and dust when the workmen put the windows in. (If ever the windows happen.....)I gleaned out a few more odds and ends for Ebay also...actually it makes me feel quite good to have at least one portion of our overwhelming possessions organised and under control.

I was reviewing my dejunking efforts yesterday, actually. I started this back in September, right? Now I don`t think I`ve kept to a binbag a day of discarded junk, but I`ve certainly averaged a steady three or four a week, I guess. Would you think I now have a totally empty house? You`d be wrong....some days I look round and I can`t belive I`ve even started yet. It has made the difference between being jammed to the rafters (quite literally, given our huge attic) and being jammed to the picture rails, that`s all. Sigh.....we moved here eight and a half years ago, realised we had twice the space of our old house and gaily set about filling it, without ever throwing a single item out. AND we didn`t dejunk our last house when we moved...we didn`t pack our own stuff but paid someone else to do it. So everything came. EVERYTHING. I have a junk backlog of fourteen years to deal with.

So though I have now been round every room in the house and hauled out massive amounts of unwanted, unused items, I`m going to do it again. I estimate I have cleared 10% of the total. I have recycled much of this moutain through Ebay, Freecycle, the local charity shops, friends and yes, the dump, but there`s still more. Now I`m going round for another 10%, eek.

Wish me luck. I may be some time......


WillowCaroline said...

Good luck with the clear out. It is a continual process here... and we are a very low consumption family in general!

Sorry you did not get the number of entries you wished for... I always figure that living across the pond makes me a "hassle" so I don't enter that sort of thing. And I am not sure what a fishwife is... I am still trying to figure out what a fish slice is... seems a favorite wedding gift in all the Wodehouse novels, but I need to google it to see what it really is!

Anyway, I did want you to know I enjoy reading your blog.. being somewhat of an anglophile I enjoy the internet and how much it has opened my world to some of my favorite places and things.

Robin said...

What a beautiful wheel, I don't think I've ever seen one like that!
Good luck dejunking...I'm such a pack-rat I'm afraid to even start...when I leave this earth they'll find me under my fiber least that's the first place they'll look for me!

Juno said...

I've never seen a wheel like that - it is absolutely beautiful.

Is this one of those things we don't get in the new world?

Fred said...

Can you pop me through an e-mail

blueadt said...

I'm with you on the clear out.

We de-cluttered to put our house on the market & now we've sold I'm doing it again so we don't take unnecessary stuff with us.

I shredded 3 bin liners of paper last night - who needs gas bills going back 12 years????

Good luck!