Saturday, January 06, 2007

Resolution #2 in action.

Resolution #2 in`s 10:10 am here, I`m sitting at my desk and the HK sale started ten minutes ago. Clearly then I am not there. Or buying yarn. How`s that for self restraint? HK is the nicest wool shop in Edinburgh.

I`m onto the last twenty or so rows of Duncan`s all-in-one-piece-knitted-in-the-round raglan sweater...will get it finished this weekend, I hope. Gosh it was boring. Stocking stitch all the way...and because it`s knitted in the round, all you get to knit is knit, not even a row of purl to break the monotony. Ohhh, the excitement of reaching the stitch marker every 200 stitches of knit....then you don`t even get to turn the piece round. You just knit on like a hamster running round a wheel and winch yorself s-l-o-w-l-y up this intermiable sweater......

Naturally at this point I had to cast on something else. I have a sock in progress in my backpack, going very slowly because I`m not 100% sure I even like the colour but don`t dislike so much that I want to frog it. Yet. I have two UFOs, a cardigan and a sweater, both of which are about 75% finished. I intend to make at least an attempt to finish one of them before I cast on anything big for a new project.

But I wanted something quick and instantly gratifying, so I have cast on for the Sock of Doom. I have plenty of odd balls of DK left over from the dark days of intarsia oversized sweaters, I need a pair of socks for wearing round the house given thahere are gales sweeping in through every crevice in the walls and finally you just have to love a sock that`s only got 48 stitches in the round and is knitted on 3 3/4 mm needles. I actually stopped and checked the size of these brand new needles, because I couldn`t belive I was supposed to knit socks on needles that big, lol.

I still feel HK calling.....but what I`m going to do today is go for a trawl round the charity shops. No, wait, I`m supposed to be decluttering too, so I can`t go to charity shops, bah. I`m feeling a bit grotty today, so the allotment is not appealing. I think I might go and tidy up the stash a bit, see if there`s anything for Ebay. Polish my bobbins a bit. That sort of thing. It might take my mind off HK??????


LornaJay said...

I know how you feel - bargain hunting cheers me up too!

If you'd like another free pattern for DK, here's one I designed a few years ago:

Robin said...

Well, it's several days later and it's a good thing I wasn't there, the "enabler" that I am...I could have "persuaded" you to go shopping with me!