Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stripping again.

It`s a nice dry sunny calm day here, so the workmen have descended on us to strip the flat roof of the old felt and pitch. Now this was one of the main problem areas up till now, basically because it leaks quite badly in a couple of places. There`s not many five year olds that calmly report over breakfast that they woke up in the night, heard rain on the window and got up to put the plastic waste paper bin under the drip hole in her ceiling, is there? That leak has been there for five years, and thanks to the Evil Neigbour that co-owns the roof with us blocking the repairs for four of them, we`re only just getting it fixed.

There really is an incredible noise going on up there. The study is directly under one part of the flat roof and as they work overhead I can see things bouncing slowly across my desk and see the percussion rings in my cup of tea. (Cue *ominous thudding*) I`ll be interested to see how Mairi`s room survives....what with the long term leak, the ceiling plaster is a bit boss and loose in places on the lathes. I know we`ll have to get that area replastered when the roof is finished, but I`m mildly concerned that the loose section may dislodge today...*eek* ...concerned enough that I`ve put a big dustsheet down under the dodgey area anyway! (I`m hoping this precaution may act as a talisman to prevent the ceiling coming down...if I don`t put the dustsheet down, the ceiling will come down for sure, yes? )

I finally got to spinning group yesterday...lots of the regular gals there, despite the official start of term not being till next week. It really is good just to be able to sit and natter about all sorts of fibre things with like minded folk. Very relaxing. I spent my time getting used to treadling with my left foot....I`ve always used my right till now, but I seem to be getting a lot of pain and swelling in my right ankle these days and I noticed that not only did it get better over the holiday period when I was not spinning, it also seemed to be worse on the two days directly after spinning group. Fortunately the Louet has a nice big single treadle that is accessable from both sides, so I`ll change to treadling with my left foot for the forseeable future. Not a major deal. I`ve not got quite as fine control with my left foot as with my right yet, but that`s just practice.

I also managed to drag myself along to my first session of the Rosemary Conley diet and fitness class for over two years. Sigh. The class was hard work, harder than I remember but I suppose it`s like the treadling...practice or lack of it! I got weighed too and though my weight wasn`t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was quite bad enough and confirmed to me that I needed to be there! (As if there was any doubt .....) I`ve paid for the first five classes, anyway, and I`m not into humiliation, private or otherwise, so that`s me comitted to The Diet for the next month anyway. Watch this space.


LornaJay said...

Umm. I hope I'm not crying wolf here, but old, wet and now drying, lath/plaster ceilings are dangerous. Very! The plaster is heavy enough to do someone a serious injury.

If your wee 'un isn't sleeping on the bottom half of a bunk, you might want to think about moving her if you can.

It does seem that it's only as it dries out that it pulls away from the lath....

Spinningfishwife said...

You`ve got a good point there, Lorna...we had an old ceiling start to bulge in our last house and had to have it taken down the next day because it was so dangerous. This leak is confined to one corner though, and the girl sleeps well away from it.

I`ll keep an eye on what`s happening as it dries. Thanks for jogging my memory about this!

Caroline M said...

Do you still have a roof (and builders) or did it all just blow away? I did think of you at 2.30 this morning when the wind woke me. I had a cup of tea and checked that everything in my garden was where it should be, starting with the trees and the pots. I was very grateful to have a roof.