Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Knitting???!!!

Much to my amazement I have another FO to post about.

This is the One Skein Silk Garden Beanie. I`ve had this ball of yarn lying around for about a year, intending to make this hat but never got round to it till Friday evening after I had been reading about another knitter making one.

First Noro creation for me. I really loved this yarn (Silk Garden Col.224). I can see me getting some more asap. It was a very quick knit too, even for me, and I finished it the next day. I was a wee bit concerned about running out of yarn but it turned out that I could have knitted the hat a couple of rows longer, judging by what I have left.

It was intended for me, but it turned out too small, even though I was knitting at the right gauge. It is a small pattern, for anyone thinking of making it. Better to buy two skeins and knit to give 7" or so rather than 5" before shaping I think...that`s what I`ll do next time.

Fortunately there is someone in the house with a smaller head who likes purple....

As you can see, usual great Noro colours and quite gratifyingly fast to make.

Soooo...spurred on by these two latest results, I have been inspired to go back to my UFO bag (only two things in there, but both large projects) and haul out this again. I had stalled on the second part of the four-times ripped out neck, and I just couldn`t be bothered with picking it up again. Until yesterday...when I sat down with it, took a close look and then managed to duplicate the shaping of the first side, no problems. (I then found the note detailing my modifications, not ten minutes later.....)

So the Silk Tweed Sweater is up and running again. But I swear, last chance. I`ll finish the front, tack it together and if it`s not right? Froooooog pond, I swear.

Final happiness of weekend was the arrival of parcels. One from Amazon, bearing Mason-Dixon Knitting and Big Girl Knits. More of them later, to read them first.

The other parcel contained a set of long coveted Boye NeedleMaster needles.

Shiney pretty colours!! (The case is a revolting mud brown plastic effort, so we won`t say anything more about it.) I like metal needles, loathe bamboo and am half hearted about plastic so though I do like my Denise set, these are going to be better. I used one as the second circ for finishing my Beanie yesterday and really loved it. Small word of warning though...they`re a bit non-standard for sizing on my needle gauge, even for the USA sizing side. Not a direct swap for some UK sizes. Knit a tension/gauge square before use, okay?


gourdongirl said...

Nice hat. Love the wonderfully coloured Boyes needles, I've been toying with the idea of them for a while, but not decided yet!

Artis-Anne said...

Love the Beanie, I havean odd ball of Noro silk I must dig out :) Glad that you are pleased with the Boyes as I have just sent away for some after much debating as to them or Denise but I don't like plastic needles but do like bamboo or wood for some things LOL what are we like ?