Friday, October 05, 2007

24 Hours later...


So 24 hours after cast-on, here's the obligatory picture of a large, saggy, loosely knitted...err, bag. (With cute cat for scale.) It's the Fulled Lopi Tote, from Hello Yarn. Now I know I was using 9mm pins and chunky yarn, but still...that was a quick knit! The yarn I've been using isn't Lopi at all, btw, but Icelandic Soft Spun, according to the Ravelry yarn database. only cost me 50p for the whole lot, from the local ScrapStore, and I've still got some left.

Will it felt? Umm, I did a swatch, yup, so yes. I may not have done this before (on purpose, anyway) but I know the basic theory. It felts. I'm going to wait till tomorrow before I put it in the washing machine though. I want to be awake when it's done.

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