Friday, October 12, 2007

Mair Cakes.

Since you were all so impressed previous cake post I thought I'd show you some more cakes. I haven't had so many comments for one post in ages, lol.

Better one of today's cake. (Party is this afternoon.)

Third birthday...(real stripper b**bies here, no?)

Fifth birthday (I was ill around her fourth one, so she got a shop cake.)Take note of what I said in the last post about no Barbies with long hair and accessories. This is the cake where I discovered why not.

Incidentally, no Barbies were harmed in the making of the above cakes, and they still have an honoured place in daughter's Barbie box.I don't mutilate Barbies. Daughter wouldn't like it. If you make the cake wide enough, the Barbie can go in at a sort of semi-reclining angle.

Duncan's eighth, if I remember rightly. What is it? It's a treasure chest filled with sweeties, of course. (He had a pirate theme party.)

This one was for his nineth. We had a LOTR treasure hunt party at a local park. It's supposed to be an orc fortress (!?). Actually, it had to be the sickliest cake I've ever made. The pallisade was made from mini Mars Bars welded round a pile of cakes stuck together with buttercream, then about a pint of melted chocolate poured over it.

I can't find any more pictures...I expect they're over on Hubby's pc files. There has been the usual assortment of butterflies, hedgehogs, dinosaurs, trains and such. Above ones are my favourites though!


Rosie said...

Are those b**bies Iced Gems? Inspired! Love the Orc fortress.

KathyR said...

Wow! You have done well over the years! Many happy memories forged, I'm sure.