Sunday, October 21, 2007

Declaration of intent.

Okay, it's getting onto the end of October. I've made one pair of socks and two singles, a felted bag and a basket, and several small skeins of this and that plus two project sized skeins. (Will do spinning roundup post with pix later.) Reasonably productive month. I intend to finish the second of the Anastasia socks and hopefully cast on the second of the Regia Cotton Color socks too. I'm off to the SECC Hobbycraft Show in Glasgow next Saturday, and need something plain to knit on the bus.

So November? I feel I'm well ahead of the Pair of Sock Per Month Challenge, if I've managed two and a half pairs, no? So in November, I'm going to give myself a different challenge. Finish up two UFOs...

Bettna. I have knitted all the pieces, yup, and it only requires blocking, sewn up and the front bands added. Not major work in other words. But I've stalled. However, this is the time of year for a Noro jacket, so I want to finish it. And I want to start another Noro project soon but I feel I can't while this one is still a UFO.

Rowan Raindrop, in Plaid Lavender Mist. (Scroll down a bit.) I have all the pieces knitted for this also...and it just need blocked, seamed and the band added. I've clearly got a block about this stage of finishing!

Doesn't sound a lot, does it, once I've written it down? Trouble is, I have other projects "calling" to me....

Party Lace Scarf, from Magknits. I have handspun waitimg for this, for Gawds sake. I have even bought beads. They're sitting on my desk taunting me.....

The Forest Canopy Shawl. I haven't even spun the yarn for this yet, lol.

And Sahara, from Stitch Diva. I do have the yarn for this, yup, not handspun, but some very snuggly RYC Soft Lux in Amethyst that I found at £1 a ball (plus postage) from my current Ebay Seller I Most Love.

Judith? I have stalled a bit on Judith, after knitting the hood. It's not the time of year for knitting Summer Tweed, I suspect.

So I have Too Much Knitting, Not Enough Time. The socks first, Bettna, Raindrop...then I can choose. Party Scarf or Sahara?


Yvonne said...

Will watch out for you in the crowds at the SECC!

I daren't even start to write my list down - lets just say that I'm hoping for some quiet evenings in the hotel watching trashy tv and knitting!

natalie said...

What have you done to the BLOG!!!
I was here a few days ago and it didn't look like this, I am sure.

Spinningfishwife said...

Lol...I've been brave and switched templates. I was tired of the old one.
Apart from that, nothing has changed, don't think.