Monday, October 29, 2007

Having your cake.,...

You rather have to congratulate the designers of quilting fabrics. Not only do they (presumably) eat cake, they put it on their fabrics as well.

This one is called "Icing Stripe" and is by Martha Negley, an American designer who works for Westminster (Rowan) fabrics. (As does to Mr Fassett.)

There is a chocolate version as well....

Yeah, I bought some...well, some of the top version anyway, because I found it at £2 per yard. The chocolate version is too pricey for me, sadly. I've gone a bit doo-lally over quilting fabrics over the last few days. So even though I found a great USA Ebay shop that undercut UK prices by about 70% for the cream version (even with postage factored in) the craft piggy bank is looking a bit empty, alas.

But isn't it yummy?

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yvette said...

Two of my favourite things, cake and fabric, yum!