Sunday, October 07, 2007


It's my birthday today...I'm 49, which doesn't feel too bad but it's getting ominously close to the big 5-O, you know? Oh well, one more year of "youth" to go, lol.

I got some nice presents from Hubby and the offspring, enough to keep me in reading and chocolate calories for a wee while anyway. (Except the chocolate only made it to about Page 5.) I bought myself a couple of things as well, and why not?

New knitting bag, which is actually a beach bag from Per Una at M&S that I spotted at half price in the sale. Lots of space and plenty of sparkly bling...actually, daughter Bee (aged almost six) is sick with jealousy and longing for it, lol. She thinks all things pink and/or sparkly in this house belong to her by right) which is very funny. She's not having it though!

I also got myself a subscription to the Spunky Eclectic Fibre Club. I've been thinking about subscribing to one of these for a while, but Amy's colours and interesting sounding fibre blends finally tempted me to sign up. (There's a Club blog on that page where you can see recent fibres she's sent out.)

This is a merino-tencel blend which I've not tried spinning before, in colour "Aspen". It's inspired by the Fall colours in Colorado, apparently. I got a double order and so have 4oz to play with, so I'm thinking sock yarn if I can spin it fine enough. I might try the fractal stripes method in the last Spin-Off. Gorgeous stuff anyway.

Incidentally, for anyone thinking of joining a fibre (or sock) club, Amy doesn't charge extra for postage to the UK. I was so amazed at this I queried it..I'm used to many US based companies not even offering postage out of North America (let's not mention Kn*t P*cks here...) or charging hugely over the odds for the privilage. Nope, Amy just said the postage cost was the same, but I might find it took a little longer to get my parcel than the US members. In fact, this parcel took five days, which was quicker than many even in the US. So I'm well impressed with Amy's customer service as well as her lovely fibre.

I decided on a pattern for my October Socks #2.....the Anastasia Socks from Pepperknit. nice and simple pattern stitch though I was originally put off by having to do a provisional cast-on toe again, ho-hum. Then I had a brainwave....substitute a different toe? So I used the Magic Cast-on Toe from Knitty instead, which was dead easy and gave me a toe I much prefer. In fact, I think this will be my toe of choice from now on.

I love the colours of the Trekking XXL I'm using. It helps of course that I've been taking recent photographs outside in very good natural light for a change. The weathered bench under the socks is on my allotment, which also explains the very grubby fingers holding that sock. Sorry!

There are compensations down the allotment though, even in October.

Raspberries in Scotland in October? Well, yes, these are autumn fruiting raspberries of a variety called Joan J, and they should keep fruiting right up to the first frosts. They are a real treat at this time of year...when I can get a few away from my greedy girl, that is. Raspberries are pink, therefore.....!


thereyougothen said...

oh! happy birthday! Mine is tomorrow, I didn't know we were two days apart. let's do something celebratory and indulgent next October!

all we have left from the veg patch is potatoes. we ate the entire crop of broad beans last night. (two plants)

we have (Bill has) planted winter lettuce and spinach and we have far too much sprouting broccoli again. we'll be bartering it for something else come march...

natalie said...

Happy birthday!
Love the bag.
Why, now that I need glasses to read, does blogger insist on giving me 8 letter codes as word verification, in italic script? What happened to 5 letters in Large Type?


Kirsten said...

Happy belated birthday. I've ordered some roving from spunky over a week ago and like you was pleased to see no extra postage costs to the UK. Now I just have to wait until the post strike is over to get it.

I also have a daughter who thinks all pretty things belong to her. I have to hide a handmade charm bracelet.

yvette said...

Oooh, nice presents, I love your sparkly bag, very cute.