Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And for my next trick.....

Today was my regular day at the Haddington Spinners. We moved upstairs a couple of sessions back to the relative warmth of the upholstery and weaving room on the first floor of the Granary, in the old Poldrate mill.

Looks good, no? I love the old stone walls. This photo reminds me of an old painting. Just change the clothes and it could easily be 100+ years ago.

More wheels and industry...

On the personal industry front, I finished the Fulled Lopi Tote.

Before...(cat for scale.)

After...two runs through the washing machine at 60`C with an old cotton rag rug for the necessary pummeling. Like the vast majority of UK washing machines mine is a front loader, but I think this worked out quite well. It's about 12" high and fairly solid.

I`ve also started a baskerweaving course...this is my first FO.

I'm very pleased with it as a first attempt, especially after only three weeks.
It's fairly even and though there are a few gappy spots it's perfectly usable. I have a lot of willow growing on the allotment courtesy of some cuttings I planted two years ago after going on a one-day frame basket workshop. This basket is made of commercial willow, of course, but I hope to be able to use some of this years cut in the spring.

Incidentally, if I had a cat for scale in the lower picture you'd see this basket would fit Missy almost perfectly. I think I'll have to make a felted liner for it so she can get comfy...

However I'd better finish what's on the needles first...a scarf in fun fur, for my daughter's toy rabbit......

Have you ever seen anything like it? Perfect Halloween yarn, even in the ball. This stuff is seriously scarey!

(Sirdar Gigi, 100% nylon, 10p for this ball from the Scrap Store. So at least it was cheap!)

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yvette said...

Cute bag and basket, I sympathise on the scarf though but I know as a mother you knit what you are asked. If you see me knitting monkey parts you'll know why!!