Saturday, October 06, 2007

Got the shakes....!

I've only got one thing on the needles at the moment...the Judith hooded sweatshirt pattern from the June 2007 issue of MagKnits. Eeek! I'm getting sock knitting withdrawal jitters. I'm not lugging that size of project around in my handbag. I need something portable.

You know, this for me is where Ravelry excels, and then some. Not only do I have a list of sock patterns which have caught my eye queued there, I can go in and have a hunt around the sock pattern archives. I want a toe-up sock pattern that has a different cast on from the crochet one I tried before, and a non-short row heel. I want a dead simple pattern that looks fine with variagated sock yarn, something that I don't have to look at a chart every second row. I have some rather nice Zitron Trekking Color XXL Shade 181 on the top of the pile for this. Nice autumnal colours.

So, any ideas? No, I don't want lace, or too much lace anyway. And trying cables will be for another project, another day. I just want something simple to knit in the car while I'm waiting for kids to come out of school. I want to get a fair bit of Judith knitted this month for At Home knitting.

PS. And only free pattern suggestions, please. I like the instant gratification of downloading a pattern straight away! You can add this into the Ravelry pattern seach as well, did you know? Ideal for the tightfisted like me.

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yvette said...

Wendy knits has a couple of toe up free patterns with a different heel, might be worth checking out.