Friday, October 26, 2007

The Plaid.

Remember my Rowan Raindrop, in Lavender Mist Plaid?

It was one of the WIP that I'd targeted to finish this or next month, before I started anything new. So as part of my stash sorting this week I dragged it out of its dark corner, sorted out all the pieces, found the pattern, needles etc, basted it together and tried it on.

Um. No. Thing is, I've lost three stone (42 lbs) since I first cast it on and because that's less of me widthwise, the heavy yarn and loose pattern combine to d-r-a-g the whole thing down. It goes down to my knees, in fact, now that there's not so much of me to hold it up. On a six foot tall willowy young person this might look very appealing. On this stumpy old lady? It looks like I've wrapped myself in a holey old cat blanket.

NO! No pictures! Here's one of the back and front instead, taken while I still thought it was a goer. But you're going to have to imagine it stretching to twice the length when you hold it up...

So now, after a fun twenty minutes with the ball winder, I have ten balls of Lavender Mist Plaid back in my stash. Am going to make the 3timesChic sweater from Knitty instead from it. It looks a fast knit, and I need a thick sitting-around-the-house sweater. More than the cats need another blanket anyway!

*Sigh*. I loved Raindrop. However it has been on the needles for two years now, and it wasn't going anywhere. There are times when you basically have to call it a day on a project. But I don't think I've ever frogged an almost complete sweater before now and I'm rather resenting the waste of time. On the plus side, anything that knits at 3 sts to 1" is not exactly a big waste of time, and unlike a sewing project gone wrong at least you get the yarn back and the fun of knitting it twice, lol.


Helen said...

That was very strong of you. I have had my eye on 3timesChic for a while, so I shall be very interested to see how it goes. Three stitches to the inch, mmm.

Rosie said...

I think the 3timesChic will be very flattering (and eprshaps you could re-title it the 3stoneLighter. Tell me your secret, even if it is something painful like calories counting...)

Juno said...

Well, and that is the BEST reason to frog, really, isn't it?

Joan said...

Anyone who has lost three stone deserves a cardi that fits!