Thursday, November 06, 2008

Actual Knitting Content.

As part of the tidy up of the lounge today I thought I'd look into the pile of project bags that live down the side of the sofa. Eeek. UFO Central! Here's my list, with % finished and probable fate of each.

1)Plain vanilla socks in Regia Kaffe Fassett . 95% finished, will complete this week.

2) Viveka in Rowan Soft Lux Amythyst. 25% done but really like this one so WIP.

3) Brigitta in Rowan Soft Tweed Twig. 35% complete. Not sure about this one. It may be working out small but I can't tell untill I get to the armholes.

4) Cold Weather Corset in Noro Iro. Not sure about this one either. It depends on whether the Brigeta above works out. If it doesn't then I'm going to swatch with the Iro and if that looks good I'll frog the Corset and knit Brigita in it instead.

5) Tahoe in purple DB Cathay. Hate this and it's heading for the frog pond. The Cathay is meant to be knitted at a looser than usual gauge then blocked to size. To me it just looks cheap and skanky, as if my gauge was off or I used the wrong yarn.

6) Kismet from Rowan mag No (???) , in khaki Linen Drape. I've finished 60% of this, as in the back and front but have laid it aside as it's a summer sweater. I'll definately finish this one. Linen Drape is gorgeous. I have to finish it's not listed on Ravelry yet, so this is my chance to be the lead link picture, lol.

7) Forest Canopy in a heavy blue silk 2ply I bought at Woolfest from Knitwitches .

I like this and it was my holiday knitting (until I got the wheel) but I was having real trouble with it in the poor light of an evening campsite and rather put myself off it. It's looking lovely though and I'll get going again with it.

8) Silk Tweed Sweater in dark raspberry Summer Tweed. 60% done, as in the body is done up to the front neckline. I hate the neckline though and have reknitted it three times and it's still not right. I want a Summer Tweed sweater though and most of the rest of this is okay so I feel it's worth at least one more shot.

9) A single sock in something I really can't remember, except it was by The Natural Dye Studio. This is nice and I'll make a point of putting the other one in the car to knit on in these five minute slots when I'm waiting around for kids. When I've found the other ball of the yarn, of course.....

Actually, that's less than I thought. Trouble is I also want to knit a hat for Lad, a pair of socks for Princess and scarves for both Princess and my sister. By Christmas. And I'm not a fast knitter. What do you think of my chances of doing these and finishing at least one sweater for me by Christmas????? Bog all I suspect.

So plan is to get the yarn and patterns for the presents at least assembled, then I can use them as car knitting. A couple of nights usually suffices for a hat. The socks for Princess can be DK as they're just for bed socks. As for scarves well....DK there too. I'm not in the mood for fiddly things. And I've got plenty of odd balls of really nice alpaca DK yarns in the attic. Will use them.


Jean said...

Not only does she cook from the back of the cupboard, but she hauls out the UFO's and faces up to them! How can we compete?

Jean said...

I knew there was something serious I wanted to say -- I knit my husband a paid of bedsocks once from DK leftovers, pure wool, and they went into and beyond holes almost at once although he wore them only in bed. I knit the next pair in sock-yarn leftovers, and it's still with us, years later.

Daisy said...

Good luck with all that!

Helen said...

A silk Forest Canopy? Be still, my beating heart.