Monday, November 10, 2008

Home Improvements and the C-word.

I started sorting out the attic today as part of the ongoing home improvement program. Ehh? Why tidy the attic for that? Well, the attic is not only massive (45` x 15`) but like all attics it acts as the holding pen for all our junk. And you can get a lot of junk into 675 sq ft of attic space, belive me. Some families live in less.

View of North End.

Not only are there strata of junk, it's been moved around in haste over the years to accomodate the assaults of builders, roofers, the central heating engineer and the very nice joiners who fitted the windows. As a result the attic has slowly come to look like a gigantic swamp, with narrow pathways meandering between the tottering piles. It is a very classic looking attic, swathed in mysterious dustsheets and spiders webs. It even contains a rocking horse.

South End.

And a spinning wheel....well, three spinning wheels, come to think of it. This one is my Frank Herring.

Strange inhabitants...explains a lot, really. (Both about my attic and Disney movies.)

And the view. We're three stories up here on the top of a hill, and can see straight to Arthur's seat in Edinburgh. Not many folk can say they have a view of an extinct volcano from their attic window.

Anyhow, I was tidying the attic with three thoughts in mind. Main thought was to make room to get more junk up there by (hopefully) consolidating the current junk and maybe even getting rid of some of it. (And pigs might fly too....) Secondly I was trying to collect all the C-mas decorations and such together...I've got a nasty habit of just dumping it all into boxes and putting it up there after C-mas with the firm intent of sorting it out during the year. Never happens. Thirdly I was C-mas present hunting. Weird? Not if you're a Sale junkie like me. I buy odds and sods in the January sales onwards, and by the following December I've usually got quite a considerable proprtion of the presents bought. I do the sensible thing and put them all in one box in the attic? Ummm....

Anyway, I found quite a lot of useful things, including the yarn I need to do the Christmas knitting. Which is a whole other story for another day. But the attic is trashed, trashed, I tell you. I'll need to go up again tomorrow. Wish me luck.

PS. Just found some pictures of the attic when it was just floored, before I started filling it up. Difference....!!!!

North End...

South end...


KSee said...

First, what a beautiful view. Then again all the places you go you see remarkable things and I thank you for posting them.
Attic, I can't even get up to mine because the floor below is covered with boxes of stuff from when I had to pack up everything to get bamboo floors in. That was 3 years ago and I don't have the strength to go through it all. Most should leave the house and what is in that attic has not seen the light of day for more than forever. All that should go out of the house. What pack rats we are! George Carlin had the greasest show on Stuff!

Linda said...

Aaagggghhhh! Spinning Wheel(s) in the attic???!!??? Say it ain't so!! deep breaths I think I'm O.K. now. I thought you were going to turn the attic into an office after the big bedroom switch?
And that view! OMG! How awesome is that? I actually have plans to visit Edinburgh next year. Can't wait!

Linda said...

Oh! and I gave you an Award. Pick it up over at my place :)

=Tamar said...

I am in deep, forest-green envy of your beautiful attic. And if you call that crowded, you haven't seen crowded... but I applaud your ambition!