Friday, November 28, 2008

Planning for the future...and Vikings.

Tonight was a first for this house....Lad planned, did some of the shopping for and cooked the dinner, with only minimal input from me. He even cleared up. He's doing cookery at school now and wants to practise at home too. He's always helped in the kitchen, off and on, but this is the first time he's taken responsibility for a meal. We had French bread pizza, beans and salad with yoghurt for pud. No, it's not haute cuisine, but he's only 12, it was tasty and what's more important I didn't have to make it. He's decided that when possible he's going to make Friday night dinner, or at least help with it. Yeah! Hubby doesn't cook much so I'm pleased to be able to shift another meal onto someone else. I get sick of cooking! And it's good for him to be learning. I think we're having some sort of chicken pasta bake next week.

On the Viking front Princess has come back from school and announced she needs a full Viking girl costume for the class open day next Tuesday. To be fair I'm not totally sure if this was her teacher Mrs P's idea or Princess's, but if it was Mrs P's she knew what she was doing when she chose Princess...or rather generate this outfit. Back in the days that Lad was in her class I ended up making an entire Celtic Warrior outfit from a car rug in under 48 hours, and that included sourcing the rug from a charity shop. Bet she thought she was onto a sure thing when she spotted Princess Fishwife sitting there and remembered I can sew. And also, I'm probably the kind of mother that has supplies of all sorts of scrap materials in their attic.

She's right of course. I'm the mother on the gate that the others hate. Viking outfit in four days? No worries! I have no other life, after all!

(Pictures later. Do you think I've got time to make some tablet woven braid for trim?)

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