Sunday, November 02, 2008


Today was spent sitting in the side room of the Scottish Karate dojo in Dunfermline. (Princess was doing her first karate grading.) Dunfermline? Beautiful town, full of history (first capital of Scotland)and I used to live there forty years ago. I did intend to get there early enough to show Princess my old house, but in the event I spent too long at home getting the other one organised for rugby, and only had enough time to locate the nearest McDonalds for lunch and then get her there in time to do her paperwork and get her changed. She passed her grading nae bother, but I forgot to get a picture. Maybe next week when she's next got classes. She was very pleased with herself anyway and that makes it all worthwhile. I do think it's important for girls to do a physical sport, one that doesn't just involve pointing toes and smilling. A bit of body contact and possible pain in an activity is not a bad thing for girls. Gives them self-confidence.

Anyway, I got to sit around a lot and that means knitting time. Small projects, like socks. I realised recently that since I first learned to knit socks a couple of years back I've always had at least one sock on the needles. The current one is the second of a pair I'm knitting for Lad's Christmas, in one of the Regia Kaffe Fassett colourways, No.4256, Mirage Twilight. (Coincidentally on sale here.)Basic top down pattern from the Violet Green Sock Pattern Generator. Very reliable calculator, have to say. I use it a lot.

I've also decided that of all the basic sock yarns around, Regia and (less commonly) Trekking have to be my favorites. I've knitted a lot with Opal but it's just too fuzzy IMHO. I'm very sorely tempted to go and buy some more of that KF Regia, but I'm supposed to be on an economy drive at the moment and if I'm trying to cut back on the food bills I can hardly justify more sock yarn, really, not while I've got about fifteen pairs of socks worth in the Sock Box in the attic. Pah. But if you've not tried the Regia before then it's well worth a whirl, especially at that price. Lovely firm, warm, sprongy feel to it when knitted up. And the colours in the Fassett range are wonderful, of course.

Pictures when finished, which should not be long as I've only 24 rows of the second foot to go.

So given that I have no other worthwhile pictures I though you might like to see how the cats are getting on. These pictures were taken at the AM venue. In the morning they both go and sleep on opposite ends of Lad's unmade bed, where they can catch the morning sunbeams.

Paws looks like a skunk, doesn't he?

And Oliver looks like he's knitted from Kaffe Fassett sock yarn, lol.

Tough life, being a cat. Especially in this house. I want to come back as one of my own cats.


Raveller said...

I am prompted to comment by your remark about girls and sports. I took a lot of flak because I sent my daughter to a sports oriented high school (ages 14-17) in Canada some years ago. She complained at the time, but is now glad that she went there. She can participate in just about any sport going and her friends look to her as the person who gets everyone going and engaged in outdoor games in all seasons. Very healthy I think.

BTW, That is an amazing price for Regia Silk. I wonder if they would send it to the US... idly wonder, that is.

yvette said...

I too want to come back as a cat, to sleep for 18 hours a day, bliss :)
I haven't knitted with my Kaffe Fassett yarn yet but I do have it stashed for xmas socks.