Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Deer Laydeez

Deer Lezlee and Saraa and de laydeez of de cat rescue place,

Dis is Baby here, da big hairy grey and whitez cat wot was wif you five weks ago.I promzed I wud write to yous after I waz in my neu hom for one month. Well it haz beens five weks but I haz beens buzy. Sorri. Wen I cam here ther waz one Mum, one Dad, one big Boy perzon and one smaler Girl perzon. I wuz scared off them al, ezpezialy the big Dad wif the louds talkings. I founds a litle hidy hol in the bukcas behind da sofa and I stayd ther for thre days wen da perzons were arond. I cam out wen no perzons wer arond to eat fud and do da other ting. I wuz scared dey might be mean perzons like my last familie. No one wuz mean to me and da Mum was speaking to me nice, soz I cam out. Shee gav me sardines. Now I lik all da perzons becase dey is not means. Dey all lik catz and even da little Girl is not means and stroks me nice. Da big Dad waz scarey but he iz nice really. Da Boy iz my seconds favirite perzon but Mum iz my bestest perzon. I likes dem all now. I goes and sitz wif dem and watch whats dey do and gives dem purzz.

Der is one udder catz here his name iz Oliver. He iz not mean either. He is litle and orange and he wantz to play all de time. He letz me shar his toilet and letz me shar his fud. We plaay lotz of gud games lik Chase and Pounce and Fight and Ball. He iz a pest and litle but he iz okay reely. He iz happy I came to lives wif him becase he mizzed hiz cat familee and hiz mummie and hiz sister. Now we iz palz. We sleps togethers on da bedz. There iz five bedz and too sofas and we cans slep on dem all. My best bed is wens Mum iz asleep. I sitz on da pilow and luvs her. I luv my Mum. I gives her big purrzz and licks and rubs my earz on her. She sayz she is crosz whens I wakes her up but she givez me cuddlez so she iz not crosz.

Da fud is gud and I am not boney anny morez. I am geting fatz. Mum combz ma fur wat I do nots lik but I am geting shiny so this is gud. Dere is lotz of cat fud wich is gud and dere is sardines and fishh and chiken som dayz, wich iz beter. I wud lik more chiken every day but Mum saz no. Cat fud every dayz. Iz okay. Iz plenty cat fud. I lik cat fud to.

Da perzons here is nots means so I wud lik to stay pleaz if dis is okay? Dey lik me and give me strokiez and play wif me and luv me. I luv dem to. Dey is nicerz dan ma last familiee. Dey say I am prettee and pet me. Dey is propers Cat Peoplez. Dey unnerstand catz. Dere is plentee to do and see and Oliver is ma pal. Dere is fud and dere is warm and nice softs beds. I luv dis home. I wants to stay here. Okay wif yous?

So tank you for finding me a nice familee. Giv my luv to da other catz at de rescue and wish dem az much luck wif geting a nice familee lik wot I have gotz.

Lots of luvs,


PS. Dat is da one things dey do diffferents. Dey callz me Paws becuse of ma hairy paws. It iz a better name dan Baby, youse thinks?


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L J said...

Ah... Paws is one lucky kitty katz.
Hims got lucky.

Daisy said...

Aw, what a lucky cat!

KSee said...

how wonderful. new home and has learned how to write. What a clever boy.