Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Night.

Sunday night chez Fishwife...early dinner (usually of the meat + Yorkshire pudding variety) then a DVD. This second item takes some organising as it has to be something all four of us like ie two adults of completely different filmwatching tastes, a twelve year old boy and a seven year old girl. Usually someone has to compromise.

Tonight however we watched "Stardust". The kids and I had seen it once already in the cinema but it was the first time for Hubby. Excellent film. I can see why it wasn't quite the blockbuster that the makers hoped for though. It has some very big name and excellent actors, a strong plot and some fabulous special effects but it's also got some really quite dark bits, some bad language, a fairly robust attitude to violence, homosexuality, transvestitism and several other things that might not make it past many of the stricter censors of the parental or film board time. It's a PG-13 ie "Parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Fantasy violence and some risque humor." So anyone getting it out expecting it to be your standard fairytale princess in a frock story is in for a bit of a surprise, straight from the bit the captive princess (wearing silver chains) lures the innocent young county lad into her caravan for a bit of an illicit snog.

Quite. But it is hysterically funny a lot of the time and very well done all the way through. A fairy tale, but a mature one, not a saccharine Disney Princess tale. (Come to think of it I think the messages contained in some of the earlier Disney Princess films should carry a "Parents strongly cautioned" warning of their own, given some of the hopelessly outdated sexist messages they send to small girls.)Highly recommended for all the family.

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