Sunday, November 18, 2007

And the winners are.....

Okay, the judging panel (that's Little Miss Princess and myself) have deliberated at length and we have contest WINNERS!

Fibre Prize..."K", from Harmless Drudge. At first Little Miss Princess thought that the aurora borealis had something to do with Princess Arora of Disneyland fame, but once she saw the pictures she was rightfully entranced by the thought of these dancing northern lights being spun on this wheel. As was I. Lovely thought! So you win the two Ice Castle, and I hope you enjoy spinning them.

Yarn Prize...Well, here we ran into a split in the judging panel. LMP liked Rosie's suggestion of "happiness out of sunbeams" best and I was deeply taken with Corbie's suggestion of spinning "silence like that of an icy winter's night." So I think the fairest thing to do is to award two yarn prizes, okay? I fortunately have two sets of the Angels & Elephants hand dyed Shetland sock yarn, so that's one for each of you.

(So if K, Rosie and Corbie could send me their snail mail addresses to spinningfishwife AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk , I'll send out the prizes asap.)

I'd also like to give an Honorable Mention to Bezzie, for being the only person brave enough (or with a suitably eccentric sense of humour) to make the fibre-glass joke. My Hubby thought that this was the only answer possible, but as I remember the horrific fibreglass curtains my mother had back in the late sixties I can only say that it would be vile stuff to spin, sorry, and certainly not on a wheel so beautiful. So a round of applause for Bezzie as well.

And many thanks to the rest of you for participating, and the amazing answers. We enjoyed reading them. I don't think I've ever got 45 comments on a single post before! Also, I've been round as many of your blogs that I can link to (not all of you have your public blog profile button enabled) and it's been fun reading them too.

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Turtle said...

Congrats ladies! I loved reading everyones ideas!!