Wednesday, November 07, 2007

To date.

Mixed day today...combination of housework (urgh), fibre (maybe) and dejunking.

I did think I might go to the allotment today, but when I got up and looked round the shambles I decided I'd better shift some of it first. The layer of mess had managed to penetrate to every room, so I had a choice here...either retreat to the study with a cup of tea and feel overwhelmed, or use the FlyLady method of setting a timer and doing it ten minutes at a time. I'm not a total FlyLady fan, but this is one method that works for me. It's actually quite amazing how much you can do in ten minutes, if you really go for it.

So the kitchen has had its ten minutes...cooker cleaned, surfaces wiped down and the remains of the washing up (Hubby never quite manages 100% of the washing up) stacked ready to do after I've made lunch. Living room has had the clean laundry folded and put away, shopping from last night put away too, cat tray emptied, videos sorted and put into correct boxes and while I was doing this I sorted out a large bagful of old videos to go to the charity shop. That took 2 x 10 minutes sessions, but I count the second as dejunking, not housework.

Next stop Mairi's bedroom, which is always depressing, ick. She's a real horder of small things and they can develop into a landslide very easily. Plus she's only six, so not that great at tidying. Think I might need 3x 10 minutes there, including dejunking. Actually, sometimes I feel I need a bulldozer in there.

And after that (and laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning the bathroom and taking the rubbish out) I'll have the remains of the day free to laze around, ho ho. Until 2.40pm and school pick up, that is. I might get a few yards of spinning done? I just realised that spinning Guild is this coming Saturday, not next, which is unfortunate because I haven't completed my Fibre Challenge (will tell you about this when I've finished) or finished preparing my short tutorial on "Your Favourite Hand Made Xmas Ornament, and How To Make It". I might of course slot this in somewhere between kids coming home, homework, teatime and Parents Night at school, which is tonight, haha. Maybe....

And my Hubby comes out with comments like "You've got all day to yourself...why are you always moaning you don't have time?" Bah. Would like to see him do all this in a day.

Where's my timer gone....?

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yvette said...

Thats what I need for the boys room, a bulldozer, now why didn't I think of that!
I hope you found a little fibre time, I need to buy myself a timer I think.