Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Best laid plans.

I thought I was really well organised with my knitting schedule. Finish my Knit a Sweater in a Month sweater, the second Regia sock, Mum's ghastly scarf and get started on a pair of mitts for Princess for Christmas. Maybe even another hat for me....

Then this arrived in the post....(picture swiped from The Yarn Yard shop, because it was too dull for photographs today.)

This is Festive, one of Natalie's hand-dyed sock yarns. I bought a skein of Porage Oats initially and added the Festive as an afterthought, but when my parcel arrived today the Festive was the one I instantly wanted to cast on. It's boingy and cushy yarn and the colourway is cheerful and bright and...well, very festive! Just the thing for a gloomy winter's day of sock knitting.

No, I've not cast it on. Got to finish the second sleeve of that sweater...only 85 rows from cuff to shoulder, so shouldn't take long. I think I'll keep the Festive for December.

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