Monday, November 19, 2007

Progress so far.

I was intending to write a "What I did this week" post on Friday but the competition got in the way, so here it is now.

I finished my Anastasia socks. Yup, the colour banding matches. I find the easiest way to do this is to put the 100g ball onto the digital kitchen scales and wind off 48g or so, stop, pull out the start of the yarn from the inside of the ball while it's still on the winder and then keep winding until I find a place that the colour sequence matches, break the yarn there, pull off the first ball then wind the second. As long as I wind both halves and knit from the inside, the bands will match well enough. I'm not anal about ultra precise matching though, given my inability to count past six rows.

And promptly cast on for the second one of these. Regia Cotton Color, plain vanilla sock pattern from the Violet Green Sock Calculator. I've decided I dislike Second Sock Syndrome even more than I now dislike knitting socks on dpns so I'm going to get this one out the way. I need a mindless car project anyway. And matching this is impossible, of course, which is fine by me.

I made another Pineapple Upside Down cake in the form of an owl, because my kids decided that they liked cherries more than pineapple whereas the adults prefer the opposite. Works quite well, no?

Another couple of shots of my Colour Challenge skein, because I'm so pleased with it. The second shot shows the silk thread covered with real silver that came with the fibre. I'm supposed to work it in to the final object design, so I'm thinking of a tassel detail of some sort, or embroidery. The beads are there because I think they go well with the fibre colours. As yet though the final design has not spoken to me, so watch this space.

My beaded scarf is growing and is about ten inches long. No decent pictures though, sorry. Too driech here.

I have nearly finished the first sleeve of 3timesChic. It's a fast and easy knit but bulkier to carry round than socks so is not benefiting from the "three rows here two rows there" that accounts for sock progress. Annoyingly enough I don't think it's going to be long enough despite the fact that I'm only 5'4" and I added an extra inch already. However I've got plenty of yarn and the bottom edge will be easy enough to unravel and pick up the stitches, so I'll add on a bit more once I've got it sewn up and seen how much more I need. I do wish I'd knitted this in the round, though. Plaid is going to be a b****r to sew up. I've already ripped the shoulder cast offs and done a three needle bindoff instead.

Christmas knitting. I wasn't going to do any but my mother has asked me for a scarf. She's a very difficult person to buy presents for as they usually just end up in a drawer to be kept for "good", but the ghastly fun fur scarf I knitted her in two hours for her 2005 Christmas present has been worn and worn. (Possibly not "good" enough, lol.) So I must find something quick and fun, but not so fancy that she won't wear it, argh.
Also I have already made socks for Lad so I'd better knock something up for Little Princess otherwise there will be cries of favoratism. A hat, probably. So plan is to finish my own sock and sweater then get on with the above two objects. Only five weeks to go till Christmas!

(Bet you all just love me for mentioning that, no?)


Jean said...

Dear Fishwife,

Try to get a look at "Knitting New Scarves". I'm sure there would be something there both fun for you to knit and not too way-out for your mother to wear.

Alison said...

love love love the owl cake.
i would love to bake today but my *#@^ oven is kaput. again. 10 months after the last time.

and i guess i should thank you about xmas. i'm going to have a teenager here for it. what do you get for an 18 year old girl that you hardly know?

eek. plus a little aargh.

crafty wee midden said...

that cake looks absolutely gorgeous...I love pineapple, and cherries, and am rumbling away just looking: can taste it through the screen :)