Saturday, November 10, 2007

Object of desire....

To see this is to want it.....

What is it? Click here and all will be revealed. Unfortunately, it's already sold.

There was another one and a plain one on US Ebay recently too.

I never knew sewing machines with cabinets like these existed before today. Gorgeous, no? I want one like this, so I do, preciousesss. I used to have a beloved old Singer treadle in an ordinary cabinet, but nothing like the top beauty. The plainer one is nice, but why not go for the full-on bling? And look the skirt guards, so you don't get your posh petticoats stuck in the nasty grubby drive wheel!

PS. Just found another one, and though plain it's at least in the same country. Anyone likely to be up in Fraserburgh from Edinburgh next week? With a big car?????

1 comment:

yvette said...

Oh that is sooo pretty, I love when they have lots of little drawers full of bits and pieces.